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Custom canvas prints could be a good substitute for their painting counterparts. They could be made into any style you want. They are way less expensive but are of high quality nonetheless. Photos, artworks, images or even characters are printed on a strong, unbleached linen, hemp or cotton fabric. Water-based inks are even used to make the prints look sharper and more durable.

There are two common types of custom canvas prints: stretched and rolled. They are basically printed using the same ink and cloth; the difference lies in how they would be displayed. 

Stretched canvas prints are literally extended to wrap around wooden frames and secured by nails or staples. These prints are excellent for displays and exhibits. What’s more, they are sometimes coated with aqueous-based satin. This coating protects the prints against any scratch or damage. They project that high fashion quality highly favored by critics. Stretched prints usually take longer to produce; printing could take three days or more.

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